Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's "that" time again

Yay! It's ANTM time:) This means a new cycle (12) with a new crop of girls. I couldn’t be more excited and looking forward to it all. I have a feeling these girls will be good. I am doing a co-post with The Cherry Journal on this “event”, as she is equally excited and ready for the action. BRING ALL YOU GOT TYRA, we are READY for MAMA!


STEPH: A little squirrly looking, which I have no qualms with… I love the furry little creatures. She is an artist, which could mean some creative posing from this one.
AMBER: Super pretty eyes and nice shaped lips, I think she'll do pretty well. I could see Mama Tyra making her hair a lot darker for the makeover episode.


STEPH: I love the fro. What will they do to it??? She is reminiscent of Dani, the winner of Cycle 6.
AMBER: I get this feeling her name was really Tanima, but to sound more unique, she wrote it backwards. Little did she know this season (oops, sorry, CYCLE) is all about uniquely-named model wannabees. Back on topic though, I think she's gorgeous. Although I could see Tyra deciding to let the 'fro go. I hope not though, yo. ;)


STEPH: Mmmmmm, she has nice hair? This hair actually reminds me of your hair Amber, before the switch to the dark side :)
AMBER: What?! I'm offended that she reminds you of me in any way. She looks like she's 47! I'm going to feel really bad for writing that if she ends up being the nicest, most wholesome person on the show. But that leather jacket makes me think she's gonna have a major attitude. Don't all people with leather jackets have that?


STEPH: Oooo – I like this one:). She has adorable freckles, she is wearing a nice vest and she has a tiny tattoo. I want to hear the story! I just hope she has enough attitude to stand out in this competition.
AMBER: I like her...and can definitely see her being versatile and a good Cover Girl. She looks like she might be a bit of a troublemaker.


STEPH: She’s pretty and I do like her haircut. But she can’t coast on pretty.
AMBER: Too pouty. She looks like she's going to be the whiney one. And she's an aspiring model, so she may possibly be whiney AND think she's better than the rest.


STEPH: “Sexy bedroom eyes” or “I will kill all you skinny beeyotches with my laser glare”? Hmmmm she has long flowing hair which can only mean on thing… a pixie cut a la mia farrow might be in order?
AMBER: Noooo! No pixie cut! I think maybe they'll do chin-length bob. This girl is really pretty, but she needs to lay off the eye squint. She'll learn. Tyra will show her the ways. I think I'm impartial though, because Jessica was always my favourite twin from the Sweet Valley days.


STEPH: I have a beef with this girls name. Kortnie, pffft! Two things which may work in her favour, or be her demise… BOOBS. I can’t do up my vests either Kortnie.
AMBER: Guaranteed her name is really spelled Courtney, but she's going the unique road like Aminat too. She's cool looking though - I think she'll either the the bitch or the really laid-back one of the group.


STEPH: Amanda Bynes knock-off.
AMBER: Nicholas Cage knock-off. I don't like her. First one off, even before Celia. I hope. And are those pleather pants I see?!


STEPH: This one slightly reminds me of Jaime-Lynn Sigler. She looks sad.
AMBER: You're right Steph, way too sad though. Smile, Natalie! We're so proud of your not changing the spelling or letter order of your name


STEPH: Stunning. I like her. I hope she isn’t the crazy one.
AMBER: Ooooh, fierce. Look at that look! And I love that she's from Rancho Cucamonga - because I like saying it. Sounds like cowabunga - but better. She looks like she could be the season's Big Bitch though, orrr crazy.


STEPH: She has very strong features, but I am having trouble getting past her “Troll-inspired” hairdo.
AMBER: This girl is stunning. I can get past the hairdo, although I don't think we'll have to for long, I'm sure Tyra will have it cut right down to almost nothing.


STEPH: She looks “nice”, therefore I am thinking she is heading home sooner rather than later. I’m not sure if she stands out, but she has lovely curly hair, and blue eyes (They are blue? It’s hard to tell.
AMBER: Ahh, the "plus-sized" girl (also known as not plus-sized at all). She does look super sweet, and her eyes are gorgeous. I hope she's got confidence, I think that will help her stick around.


STEPH: Ty-ty picked Tey-tey. Fancy job you have there, Teyona.
AMBER: Teyona scares me.

Top 2 picks for the win?

STEPH: My top 2 girls that I am betting all the marbles on: Nijah and Fo
AMBER: As if I'm gonna spill those beans! I'm holding off my bet decision until I see the first episode.


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Steph said...

Who thought I would end up really liking Celia?