Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yes, Maybe and Don't

I almost forgot that Nia Vardalos is a Winnipeger! I have watched 3 of her movies and I have some comments.

Yes - My Big Fat Greek Wedding:
Watch this one. It's charming and funny and fun.

Maybe - My Life in Ruins:
It's entertaining and has some "moments". It's set in greece, and I love all movies involving travel. It reminded me of my time in Rome. And it reminded me how much I love gelati:)

No - I Hate Valentines Day
The only reason that I may have a slight twinge of regret for turning this off early, is that I may have missed out on more goofy effects that I can now make fun of. After one circle fade, a slow motion running scene, and a tapas bar utilizing comic sans for their signage, I had enough. Even if you are a sucker for the girly movie, there are other movies out there, to spend your time watching. I'm sorry Nia, but this movie was REALLY bad!

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