Thursday, May 21, 2009

A recap of epic proportions

It’s been a while since I have posted about movies (hello! the original purpose of this blog!!), so I thought I would catch up on the movies that I have watched in the past little while. I love movies, so there's quite a few.

Some of my favorites in the past few months:
- I Love You, Man – This is my favorite movie of the past year!!! Many thumbs up!!!
- Happy Go Lucky – This is my exact philosophy, made into a movie.
- 17 Again – I did not have a crush on Zac Effron before this, but I now join with the throngs of females willing to throw themselves at this man/boy.
- Star Trek – Good space fun! Live long and prosper!
- Coraline – This movie is great to begin with, but it was amazing to see in 3-D. Check out a nice poster series here... And the dolls I will be purchasing on ebay.
- Monsters vs. Aliens – Seth Rogan was born for this role.
- The Fall – I saw this one a long time ago, but it is a MUST SEE. It’s beautiful and vibrant, with naturally charming acting by a pint sized lead actress.
- Slumdog Millionaire – Who wants to be a Mill-a-naire!
- Pineapple Express – Super Fumados in Spanish!
- The Wrestler - Touching

Some good movies:
- Adventureland
- Wolverine – Deadpool is scary. Wolverine gets shiny claws, that aren’t quite rendered properly.
- Yes Man

Some movies that weren’t my favorites, but served their purpose of entertaining me:
- Angels & Demons – I read the book a while ago. Everyone loves an ancient mystery movie.
- The Spirit
- 7 pounds –This was good, but I only watched it because it was playing on the airplane. This movie is too depressing to make the ‘girly movie’, cut, but there are some moments in it.
- The Dutchess – Ditto.

Movies I am looking forward too:
- UP
- Extract
- The Promotion
- T3
- Enlighten Up
- The Ugly Truth
- Disclaimer: I will try and keep myself from seeing this movie in the theatres, as it is bound to be B-A-D, but I can’t help but crack up at this trailer every time I see it (which has been surprisingly a lot at recent movies) I am referring to ‘Dance Flick’.

So, there it is, a giant list of movies to catch up on if you haven’t seen them already. And that doesn’t even include all the good things of TV these days… but that’s a whole other blog.

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